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5 Amazing Tile Options for your Bathroom

Posted on 27 February 2014
Bathroom renovations can be both exciting and stressful and not knowing what you want will only serve to decrease the former and increase the latter. To help you decide what you want from your new bathroom, we have put together this great guide of 5 fantastic tiles that will bring interest and beauty to your home spa!
  1. Zinc Luster Mosaic:
    Monotone mosaics are a classic choice for the bathroom because they bring a lot of visual interest without too much distraction or business. The marbleized surface of this mosaic is a beautiful representation of the Art Nouveau work of Louis Tiffany in the late 19th century. Hand-poured with an iridescent finish, these tiles are fantastic for any bathroom but will do double-duty in bathroom lacking in natural light thanks to the reflective surface.
  2. Monte Napoleone:
    This porcelain, wood-like tile is a great idea for anywhere you want the look of wood without worrying about dampness or damage. Bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms are all nice places to have warm wood floors but potential splashes and leaks can make the idea less attractive. That’s where these beautiful tiles come in. Because they are porcelain, they can be used with floor heating to make them more inviting for bare feet.
  3. Calacata Luna Marble:
    Marble is always a great, luxurious choice for a bathroom as it creates a rich, spa-like experience. Durable, beautiful, and natural you can’t go wrong with this wonderful stone. White with darker veining, calacata is great for maintaining the lightness of a white bathroom while bringing in some visual interest. Depending on the size and pattern of tiles you opt for, marble can be used to great effect in traditional, eclectic, or contemporary bathrooms.
  4. Industry Raw Mix:
    For something completely different you may want to consider this line of fantastic concrete inspired tiles. A stunning contemporary replica of cracked concrete and peeling plaster, these tiles will bring an industrial feel to any space. Great for modern homes, these tiles are stylish, durable, and impermeable to water. The latest trend in Italian tile design, this line is available in a variety of colors and sizes.
  5. Onice Gris:
    For those who love the look of marble but don’t love the price tag, or just want something a little bit more durable with a lot less maintenance these porcelain tiles are an amazing option. Inspired by the French Neo Classical style and made to look just like natural stone with fabulous movement and color, these tiles are printed in large batches so you will not end up with two identical tiles. With their high polish and large size, this series is a great way to get that lush, marble spa look.

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