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5 Ways To Create A Sleek Bathroom

Posted by Better Living in The Organized Bath on 16 February 2016
5 Ways To Create A Sleek Bathroom

In other words, don't get too carried away during the redecoration process. If you do, you might end up with a bathroom that is complicated and crowded rather than a bathroom that is sleek and minimalistic.

No matter what your personal style happens to be, there are things you can do to have the sort of bathroom you've always wanted. So read on for 5 ways to create a sleek bathroom.

You need to resist the urge to do too much. What you should be striving for is not only clean lines, but also streamlined aspects. When you're gunning for sleek, you need to resist the desire to add complicated pieces such as items with extreme designs or contours. Less, as they say, is more.

Use Wood Sparingly
Wood can be your enemy if you want your bathroom to have a sleek look. While you can use wood to introduce more color to your bathroom, the pieces you use should be very simple. If the details in the wood are too pronounced, then get rid of it because they ornate details are the enemy of sleek.

Splash of Color
Paint can help to improve the look of just about any room, but steer clear of it if you want your bathroom to look modern and sleek. Instead of putting on a coat or two of paint, you can add color by strategically adding colored objects, such as decorative stones.

Plain Jane is the Ideal Choice
In the interests of achieving a sleek look, you may want to go with a plain Jane minimalist approach. For instance, you can paint your bathroom in white and to give the room an anchor piece that pulls everything together, like a claw foot bathtub or ornate vanity mirror.

Monotone your Accessories
Ditching all accessories will make your bathroom unusable for most purposes, but you want to avoid going overboard, especially with colour. Specifically, you should only go with accessories that complement, rather than detract from, your sleek, minimalist goal. Avoiding texturized or colorful accessories in favor of chrome pieces like simple and stylish towel stands will keep your area looking elegant.

Creating a sleek bedroom isn't all that difficult if you go about it the right way. Take the aforementioned suggestions to heart when you work on your bathroom and you'll have a welcoming area that's ideal for a relaxing evening in the tub or a quick refresh in the morning.

Author:Better Living in The Organized Bath

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