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Unique Additions for your Bathroom Renovations

Posted by Better Living in The Organized Bath on 25 February 2015
Unique Additions for your Bathroom Renovations
In 2015, you might be one of the ten's of thousands of homeowners across the country considering a home renovation project. Bathroom renovations are widely popular in the current marketplace because they can help homeowners achieve a long-term return on investment.

In order to make the most of the renovation, it's important to add to the upgrade with accessories that improve both home functionality and design elegance. Here, we'll review several unique additions you can make to your bathroom renovation work.

Luxury Shower Dispensers

Luxury shower dispensers serve a multitude of benefits within the modern bathroom. Firstly, they can help you minimize clutter within your bathroom space, as they reduce the need for storing shampoo and shower gel close to the shower. Secondly, luxury shower dispensers bring a sense of convenience. No longer will you have to reach through the shower water to find that bottle of shampoo. You'll know be able to simply press a button within the shower space to retrieve all hair and body cleaning liquids.

The latest products on the marketplace include the LINEA Luxury Soap and Shower Dispensers, which are designed with one, two or three chambers and all come with an auto-lock feature to prevent the chambers from being knocked from the bracket. And because the product's pump pre-measures the amount before dispensing, the system offers exceptional ease-of-use.

Makeup Battle Stations

If you're a fan of YouTube makeup tutorials, there's no doubt that you've dreamed of having your own makeup battle station in your bathroom. The good news? It's one of the less expensive ways to upgrade your space!

If you have unused space in your bathroom, purchase a chair that matches your aesthetics and place it in front of your vanity mirror. With a little additional storage reserved solely for makeup and hair products, you have yourself the perfect area to get ready in, whether it be for an average day at work or an exciting night out.

Trickle Trays

Trickle Trays are a convenient answer to a common challenge within the bathroom space.

Homeowners and homemakers often find that, after many uses, their soap begins to drip from the soap dish onto the benchtops. Trickle Trays help resolve this issue through the use of separate channels that direct the liquid flow into an adjacent sink space. The latest products are available in a broad assortment of colours to complement any bathroom décor arrangement!

Make a statement with your bathroom renovations this year by integrating the latest industry accessories. It takes just a little work to truly transform the design and inherent value of the bathroom space.


Author:Better Living in The Organized Bath

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