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Home > Stainless Steel Sinks > CLEARANCE - SWEDIA KIKKI Kitchen Sink 820mm 60:40 Bowl - 1.5mm Stainless Steel

CLEARANCE - SWEDIA KIKKI Kitchen Sink 820mm 60:40 Bowl - 1.5mm Stainless Steel

Product Price: $595.00
Item Code: SWEDIAKIKHB0606-0
Dimensions: W: 820mm x D: 480mm x H: 220mm
The Swedia Kikki Chef Stainless Steel 60:40 Double Bowl Sink is a professional designer sink of the highest grade available. It is 1.5mm thick sanitary grade stainless steel (16 gauge) - great for durability, sound proofness and temperature retention. This model is designed for under-mount installation only.

This all inclusive sink is popular for high end kitchens and comes with a built in knife block, soap dispenser, colander and chopping board as well as tap hole for your kitchen mixer. 

The lifetime manafacturer guarantee ensures strength and durability. The Kikki Chef really is the most practical sink on the market.

- Durable. Heaviest grade sink available in the market - 1.5mm thick 304 stainless steel
- Precision hand-fabricated perfect square shape and exquisite brushed finish, unlike cheaper pressed sinks
- Practical. 10mm radius corners provide the square look, but are much easier to clean
- Quiet, thicker steel and underside baffle pads reduce sound
- Includes strainer(s) with removable sieve, mounting clips, chopping board, colander, soap dispenser, and knife block.

  • 304 grade stainless steel composition to ensure supreme quality. The benefits of 304 grade stainless steel include the ability to resist rust, corrosion, heat damage and chemical damage.
  • 1.5mm Thickened and stainless steel to guarantee durability and strength. The thickness of a sink will also improve noise reduction and temperature retention.
  • Hand fabricated by folding 1.5mm thick uniform stainless steel sheets and welding corners. This ensures a perfect square shape and uniform thickness - unlike machine pressed sinks where the metal is pressed, stretched and weakened.
  • Ensured Easy Cleaning due to smooth and rounded 10mm radius corners. Smooth, rounded edges mean that your sink can be cleaned in one swift wipe.
  • Large capacity bowls to enable dishes and baking trays of all sizes to soak.
  • Sound Proofing pads to minimise noise and increase temperature retention. The application of 2 sound proof pads on the underside of the sink mean that less noise will be heard when bowls and cuterly clunk around within your sink.
  • Anti-condensation coating. Minimises chance of condensation and build up of moisture on the underside of your sink that could otherwise lead to mould and moisture problems within you undersink cupboards.
  • Undermount with brackets included. Allowing for chopping board and colander to be integrated into the bench top.
  • All included accessories. A modern, square strainer, integrated knife block, soap dispenser, chopping board and colander.

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