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I love our Four Chamber Classic Dispenser! We installed it in our new shub (shower enclosure with a bath in the bottom of it) and it looks so much...

Peta Weier, QLD
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AVIVA Lockable Dispenser 2 - Chrome with Translucent Chamber, Chrome Button

Dimensions: W: 18.2cm x D: 8.5cm x H: 17.5cm
$ 89.95 AUD
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The Dispenser LOCKABLE series are ideal for Commercial situations such as Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Spas, Gyms and the like, where the security of the unit and the integrity of liquid amenities are important to you.

Save money - Buy amenity liquids in bulk, and refill your soap dispensers as required, rather than throwing out half used soap bars and amenity bottles on a daily basis.  

Save time - Lockable dispensers cause no mess, saving your housekeeping staff valuable cleaning time. A quick wipe down is all that's required. No more time spent restocking carts with dozens of amenity bottles either. Dispensers are easily refilled from much larger bulk liquid bottles.

Save waste - Eliminate the time and costs involved in disposing of half used bars of soap and amenity bottles. Dispensers are better for the environment and your guests will love them too!

The AVIVA series of soap and shower dispensers are the most beautiful solution for bath and shower organization - a combination of design, style and practicality. Each dispenser can be locked, securing the lid, and the dispenser itself in place.

  • Eliminate shower bottle clutter with this convenient dispenser.
  • Each chamber lifts off the wall for easy cleaning and re-filling.
  • Both liquid chamber holds 300ml and features a lockable lid.
  • shampoo, conditioner, body wash or even hand sanitiser gel!
  • Smooth, reliable Dispenser pumps have a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Installs in minutes without tools on smooth, non-porous surfaces, using waterproof silicone adhesive and 2-way tape (included). For installation on porous or uneven surfaces, the traditional 'drill and screw' method is advisable using the preformed screw fixing points on the backing plate. .
  • Housing constructed from durable, water-resistant chrome plated ABS plastic.

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