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SMART 4 Multi-Purpose Bathroom Stool

Dimensions: W: 44.45cm x D: 34.29cm x H: 24.13cm

$ 59.95 AUD
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The SMART 4 Multi-Purpose Bathroom Stool is the most versatile upgrade for your bathroom. At 24cm in height, its the perfect foot stool to rest your feet, while you are sitting and painting or clipping your toe nails. This stool can also be the ideal seat for you to conveniently sit next to your tub during bath time with your child, helping to avoid back strain. Given its extra-large step platform and non-slip textured surface, little ones can also use SMART 4 as a step stool to reach the sink to brush their teeth and wash their hands.

Strong and durable aluminium legs, along with non-skid rubber feet, allow SMART 4 to carry a weight capacity of 135kg safely, while also making it completely rust proof.

At the toilet, SMART 4s innovative curved design lets it contour around the front of your toilet base, making it a discreet squatting stool that allows you to elevate your feet and help open your colon, allowing for an easier elimination when nature calls!

The integrated handle and lightweight, portable structure ensure that carrying the SMART 4 Multi-Purpose Bathroom Stool anywhere around your home is safe and easy, every time.

  • Extra-large step platform.
  • Non-slip textured surface.
  • Strong and durable aluminium legs.
  • Portable and lightweight design with integrated carrying handle.
  • Non-skid rubber feet.
  • Holds up to 135kg.
  • Rust proof.
  • No assembly required.

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