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Home > Stainless Steel Sinks > DANTE / DROMMA Accessory - Rollable Drainer Tray - Large

DANTE / DROMMA Accessory - Rollable Drainer Tray - Large

Dimensions: W: 44cm x D: 35.5cm
$ 47.00 AUD
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The SWEDIA® Dante/ Dromma Roller Drainer Tray is a great addition to your kitchen needs. It makes dish-washing more convenient and neater, and it can also be stored in a breeze.

This roller drainer tray saves you time from wiping your dishes dry, as you can conveniently place your washed dishes on it and let it drip dry before storing into your cupboards. Simply roll in the rods and store the drainer tray in a drawer when not in use. This fold-able roller drain tray is a perfect match for your DANTE and DROMMA sinks.

  • Made from high quality stainless steel to ensure durability and long usage
  • Save space by managing the sink as a drying area for your washed dishes
  • Designed to perfectly fit Swedia sinks to maintain stability
  • Strong-grip rubber edges for secure placement on top of sink or counter

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