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LOOEEGEE Toilet Bowl Squeegee

Dimensions: W: 12.2cm x D: 12.2cm x H: 43.5cm

RRP: $ 64.95 AUD
$ 64.95 AUD
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SKU: 17050
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LOOEEGEE is the new hygienic solution for a clean toilet bowl.  With it's innovative, non-stick and flexible silicone pad, designed with 30 micro squeegee blades, LOOEEGEE provides an easier, more powerful way to clean the smooth curved surface of your bowl.

Forget scrubbing, make your life a little easier and swipe your toilet clean with LOOEEGEE!

  • Non-stick silicone squeegee wipes your toilet clean and repels bacteria
  • 30 micro squeegee blades quickly remove stubborn stains with less scrubbing
  • Water repellent silicone prevents drips and bacteria build-up in the holder
  • Durable silicone last longer than a regular bristle brush, saving you money
  • The flexible blade easily cleans under the rime and other hard to reach places
  • Rust-proof stainless-steel handle will not tarnish
  • Crafted from the highest standard of quality and workmanship

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