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What bathroom tool saves time and money while keeping you and the Earth healthier?

Apr 15 2016
When you're done with the final rinse and feeling refreshed, there's one more importan...
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What a find! While looking for a set of scales, I came across the UltiMate dispenser. With my lot there has always been bottles of stuff everywhe...

Sue Turner, Daw Park, SA
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Home Dispensers

Soap & Shower Dispensers.

In the shower or by the sink, we have a model that will coordinate with any décor.

Since the time we pioneered the shower dispenser category back in 1996, the offering has been fine tuned to meet the most discriminating user. Our Dispensers are the ultimate products to unclutter your shower and eliminate unsightly bottles and caps. Imagine the convenience of having your favorite soap, shampoo or conditioner at the push of a buttonand getting exactly the quantity you need. We even include waterproof labels to identify each chamber easily! No more fumbling to find the right bottle and then spilling and pouring dollars down the drain. Our Ulti-Mate series of shower dispensers have added storage conveniences, even a built in mirror, for those who like to shave in the shower.

Australia's largest range. With over 20 models to choose from, there is a Dispenser to suit any home and decor. 

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