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What bathroom tool saves time and money while keeping you and the Earth healthier?

Apr 15 2016
When you're done with the final rinse and feeling refreshed, there's one more importan...
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I bought a chrome Aviva 3 for the shower and an Aviva 1 for the vanity. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

Trent and Rebecca Condo - Melbourne VIC
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TOUCHLESS Soap Dispensers


Hands Free Touchless Automatic Soap Dispensers

Easy and clean. Our Touchless Dispensers are sensor activated to provide you with a hands-free operation. Whether you'd like your dispenser to simply sit on a bench-top or be mounted to the wall, we have a Touchless model for you!


  • Easy to fill - large opening on top.
  • On/Off button.
  • Amount of liquid dispensed can be adjusted.
  • 225 ml or 510ml capacity.
  • 4 AAA batteries required (not included).


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