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Signature™ Lockable Series

Ribbed glass look for sophisticated taste!

Our most elegant Shower Dispenser ever.

Quality and Reliability Guaranteed!

Signature is a patented product which features a “true pump system”. Unlike inferior gravity feed units which a prone to leaking or clogging, Signature has been engineered and manufactured to deliver liquids precisely and perfectly… every-time!

The pumping system has been life-cycle tested to 300,000 cycles without failure. Pushed 3 times every day, that equates to 273 years. That’s why our pumps carry a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects!

Signature - No matter the colour of your Dispensers, they’re GREEN™.


East to Install

Easy to Fill

Easy to Use

East to Identify

Our Range of Signature Lockable Dispensers

We are please to present our range of Signature Lockable Dispensers. Please note items with a price and "Add to Cart" button are available immediately. Those with an "Enquire Now" button are made to order and are subject to minimum order quantities.

Please contact us if you would like more information. Have you checked out our exciting WAVE and AVIVAseries of Lockable Dispensers yet?

 Signature Lockable 1 with Translucent Chamber

Dimensions: W: 8.5cm x D: 8.5cm x H: 17.5cm
Code: Chrome 38144
Price: AUD$42.95

 Signature Lockable 3 with Translucent Chambers

Dimensions: W: 28cm x D: 8.5cm x H: 17.5cm
Code: Chrome 38344
Price: AUD$101.95




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