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What bathroom tool saves time and money while keeping you and the Earth healthier?

Apr 15 2016
When you're done with the final rinse and feeling refreshed, there's one more importan...
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Client’s Say

Thank you. We are looking forward to using them on our new sail boat to minimize having loose toiletries in the heads.

Gary Holmes, Lilyfield , NSW
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Dispense With Mess!

Our range of innovative Soap Dispensers and Bathroom Accessory products make clutter in the bathroom is a thing of the past!

The Dispenser is the perfect solution to organise shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, face wash, liquid soap, hand wash and other bathing products that can result in an unsightly mess in the bathroom. At the touch of a button, a pre-measured amount of your favourite liquid is dispensed directly into the palm of your hand; not only reducing mess but reducing waste as well!

And that’s what makes The Dispenser ideal for Hotels, Motels, Resorts and Spas who not only want to save up to 80% on the cost of providing their guest's Bathroom Amenities but also recognise the growing concern regarding the manufacture and disposal of billions of individual plastic amenities bottles.

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